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Business Coaching, Mentoring, and Training

Dave Molenda, the founder of Positive Polarity, grew his start-up business into a $10 Million company. He now passes the principles of his success onto his clients so that they too can succeed and grow.

Growing On Purpose - Positive Polarity
#1 Amazon Best Seller

Dave Molenda combines an impressive sales pedigree and entrepreneurial background with his expertise in strength-based selling and personality assessments to help underperforming sales teams amp up their game and top performers reach even greater heights." In his book, Growing On Purpose: The Formula to Strengthen Your Team AND Improve Your Customer Experience, Dave brings together expansive sales experience to show readers how to combine team strength (achieved through intentional communication) and positive, individualized customer experiences to achieve a fully engaged business. Through his unique model of Guidance and Support, Molenda is immediately both relatable and practical. Thoroughly backed up with statistics and studies, he introduces the must-know formula to GROW as a person and a business . . . on purpose.


And, when you take the fun out of something, our natural tendency is to stop. At Positive Polarity, we understand that sometimes to overcome our human nature, it takes an opposing force to hold you to it.


That’s what we’re here for – to be the opposing force against the easy way of doing business – the way you’ve always done things. If your nature is to retreat, not talk about the hard stuff, and spin your wheels on the wrong things, Positive Polarity helps to turn the tables through our specialized programs and Sounding Board Services.

We recently brought Dave in to work with some of our team members.  After an initial training session, we noticed an immediate difference in how our staff greeted the customers.  Dave's approach to customers and more importantly, customer satisfaction, is rooted in basic yet fundamental actions that take no time to implement.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Dave and his team as we're confident it will help us reach new levels of customer service. 

General Manager at Harley-Davidson

You’ve got sales quotas to meet.  Or possibly a team to motivate.  What are some tools that can get you there?  At Positive Polarity, we have the keys to moving you and your business forward, and we really want you to succeed!


We offer various coaching and leadership training that can get things moving in the right direction.  Positive Polarity is a Certified DISC Provider, Value Added Associate for TTI Success Insights and much more!


Check out a few of the many custom assessments we offer, and if you’re ready to take the next step, click on the link below to contact us today!

• Stress Assessment

• Job Benchmarking

• Emotional Quotient

• Can you sell?

EQ Assessment

DISC is the most widely used behavioral assessment tool by organizations.  Let us help you find your team’s hidden talents to create high-performing and engaged teams.

Interested in taking the next step to grow your business? Contact us today for a complimentary assessment.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events at the Better Business Bureau:
March 15: Business Blind Spots
April 19: Branding and Video Marketing with Mark Concannon (Emmy-Award Winner)
May 17: What the Best Sales Professionals Do Best
June 21: How to Make Networking About Your Prospect with Lorry Rifkin
July 19: Stress in the Workplace
August 16: Communication that Delivers
September 13: Managing a Team with Chef Michael Feker
October 18: Prospecting
November 15: 10 Tips to Improve Your Website with Jim Kohlhardt
December 13: Listen to Learn, Learn to Listen
Events are in person at the Better Business Bureau of Milwaukee. 11:45am - 1pm with FREE lunch!
For more information on these events and to register, click here

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