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Partial list of education opportunities available:

  • How to Sell More Today, Using a Tool That Even Your Prospects Don’t Know About

  • Using DISC Personality Profiles to Build the Best Team Ever

  • Listen to Learn, Learn to Listen

  • 7 Steps to Building a Successful Business Relationship

  • Team Dysfunctions

  • 10 Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

  • How Employee Engagement Drives Growth

  • The 10 Things Most Sales Professionals Get Wrong

  • The Importance of Follow Up in Successful Sales

  • Adding One Hour to Your Day

  • Why is a Referral So Important?

  • Business Boot Camp

  • Listen to Learn, Learn to Listen

  • ST+ICE=P

  • Get to Know Yourself and Others With DISC

  • Leadership Training

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Growing on Purpose

  • Why Trust is Important in the Workplace

  • Team Training

  • What is your Emotional Quotient and how can you improve it?

  • Stress in the workplace – how to reduce it?

  • Sales Advantage Roundtable Meetings

OFFICE: 262-522-POPO (7676)


CELL: 414-322-2358



For more information please contact Dave at:

Reading your book for the third time this weekend. On Purpose! 

- Todd S.

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