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7 Ways to be Positive in the Workplace

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Positivity in every shape and form can lead to tremendous things in the workplace. Being positive not only effects your life personally, like having fewer heart problems and being less sick, it rubs off to the people you are around and working with. According to Gallup, negativity costs the U.S. economy between $250-$300 billion every year in lost productivity! If being positive in the workplace doesn’t come as second nature to you, here are 7 easy ways to change that.

1. Show Gratitude

Simply showing or receiving gratitude expands your happiness and transforms your ways of thinking. Gratitude is great in the workplace because it develops respect, trust, and mutual appreciation among your peers. Team members stay passionate about their work when they feel heard, valued and trusted, mirroring the company’s goals and working at a higher level of excellence.

2. Use Positive Language

Words are powerful. Communicating in a positive and constructive way by being personal, encouraging, passionate and empowering will change the way your listeners receive feedback. For example, instead of saying “why not”, try saying “sounds good.” Instead of saying “no problem”, try saying “definitely”. Even the smallest word changes make a big difference when it comes to human interaction.

3. Catch Each other Doing Something Right

A simple “thank you” or compliment goes a long way. We all crave some recognition or praise for our efforts. Making it a habit to genuinely thank each other everyday for the work you all do, can be immense in boosting moral. Always remember that part of practicing thankfulness is learning to realize when you are thankful for something.

4. Appreciate Every Victory

It’s easy to celebrate a major milestone, but remembering to celebrate the steps along the way can be difficult. Remember to always appreciate the little wins and give recognition to the employees who might be behind the scenes of a big accomplishment. Appreciate the little wins by noticing them, establish a habit of doing it daily, live in the present and show how the small victories lead to the large one.

5. Smile

The simple act of turning your frown upside-down helps boost positive thoughts and feelings because it tricks our mind into feeling happier. On the outside, you should smile at work because you never know who is watching you, smiling helps others relax, it draws people to you, it indicates confidence and it’s contagious.

6. Develop Strong Relationships

This is obvious as its easy to be positive while being around people you care about and trust. Developing strong relationships begins with 5 pillars: trust, mutual respect, mindfulness, open-mindedness, and honest communication. By mastering these simple, human things, you’ll begin to see yourself interacting and being more personable with others.

7. Know Your Mission

Don’t forgot why you’re working in the first place and why you were hired. Understanding the “why” behind what you do helps spread positivity - even on the worst workdays. Companies whose employees understand the missions and goals enjoy a 29% greater return then other firms (Watson Wyatt Work Study). When the office is down in the dumps and needs a positive pick-me-up, remind yourself and others of the “why” behind your company and jobs.

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