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Letter of Recommendation for Positive Polarity

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Letter of Recommendation from the Florida Environmental Balancing Bureau (FEBB)

The intent of this short letter is to express our satisfaction with the superb performance of Dave Molenda as our Opening Speaker at our 37th Annual FEBB Conference and also our Keynote Speaker during our formal dinner event.

We first saw Mr. Molenda present at the NEBB National Conference in Albuquerque, NM in 2016. His presentation was so successful, that he was invited back to speak again at the NEBB National Conference 2017 in Orlando, FL. It was after this National Event that we invited him to attend and speak at our Florida State Chapter Conference.

During the opening session of our FEBB Conference last week, Mr. Molenda successfully created an environment that set the atmosphere for the entirety of our Conference. His style of communication is very relaxed and consequently, very relatable. So much so, that he was able to easily solicit participation from our large audience.

Later that evening at our formal dinner event, Mr. Molenda again successfully entertained and educated a room filled with industry technical experts and their wives. That is very difficult task to accomplish. But he created such an enjoyable environment that once the Dinner Event was over, our guests stayed in the room afterwards enjoying each other's company. I give credit to this, in large part, to Mr. Molenda.

The following day, there were numerous mentions of our wonderful evening together and Mr. Molenda's empowering message.

As president of this Chapter, I can easily recommend Dave Molenda as your Keynote Speaker.

Thank you,

Scott Coy

FEBB President 2017-2019

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